How do I create discounts?

Select Products & Forms, then select the Discounts tab.

Click Add Discount.

Give your discount a name and description.

NOTE:  the description is not mandatory, however it provides more information about when the discount can be used.

Select one or more products that form your discount bundle.  You must have at least one product to have a discount.

Click Add Product.  Click the search icon to find the product.

Select your product and repeat until you have all the included products.

Set the number of purchases allowed for the discount.  Enter a number between 2 and 6.

Enter the discount amount for the first purchase.  You can enter either a dollar amount or a percentage.  If there is no discount for the first purchase, enter 0.

NOTE:  the discount is given on the total, not on a particular product or person.

When you enter the first purchase discount, the boxed beneath become active for the rest of the purchases.  You cannot mix dollar amounts and percentages.  It is one or the other.

Dollar example:

Percentage example:

Select a start date for the discounts.

Select and end date for the discount if there is one.  This is optional.

Click Create in the bottom right corner.

Your discount will appear in the list.