How do I upload fixtures from a .csv file?

If you have your fixtures in a .csv (comma separated value) file, you can upload that to your competition. 

NOTE:  you must use the correct template and your team names and venue names must match exactly what is in GameDay.

You can download the template here: FixtureUploadTemplate.csv.

NOTE:  the template will open in Excel although it is a csv file.  Do not change the file type.

Filling in the template

In the Round column, enter the round number.  You will have multiple lines with the same round number if there is more than 1 game per round.

Enter the names of the Home and Away teams in the appropriate columns.  Ensure these names match exactly what is in GameDay.

Enter the Location.  This is the Playing Surface.  Again, this must match exactly what is in GameDay.

Enter the date of the game in the Day, Month and Year columns.  These must all be numeric such as 3/09/2017 not 3 Sep 2017.

Enter the start time of the game in the Hour and Minute columns.  You must use the 24 hour clock.


Once you have completed the template, you are ready to create the competition.

Uploading the fixture

Uploading your fixture is the last step in creating a competition.  If you are unsure how to create a competition, see How do I create a competition?

Once you get to the last page of the Competition Wizard, select Upload from csv.

You will see a link to download the template if you don't already have one.

You can drag and drop your file to the box or click in the box to search for a file saved on your computer.

NOTE:  click anywhere in the box to open the search.

Once uploaded, click Preview Data to see your fixture.