Member Profile

When you log into the website, you have a member profile that shows you information about yourself and your activities.

The login is at the top right of the web page.  Your name will appear once you have logged in.

Click on your name to open a list of areas you can view.

The Dashboard show you any upcoming matches you have or ones that you have completed. 

Registrations show you your current (active) and past (expired) registrations and your transactions.  Transactions will show any that you have paid for even if you were paying for someone else.

If you are an official, Assignments shows you what matches you are officiating.

My Account is your details.  You can update them if they are incorrect or add them if they are missing.  Once you are finished, click Update.

Sign Out will log you out of the webpage.  You will have to log back in if you want to see the information or make any changes.