Advanced Member Report - Mobile Display

Formatting Mobile Display

In response to a number of requests to reformat Advanced Member CSV file exports, we have identified the quick steps to get it in a more usable format below.

Once Admins run and export the Advanced Member Report (Reminder on how to do it HERE), the the CSV file downloaded can reflect the 'Mobile' column indifferently depending on the location and type of Mobile number entered on the Member form as per below:

To amend this to a more legible format, please follow the steps-

1. Once Exported, select the 'Mobile' Column and in the Home menu find the Format Cells tab.

2. From the drop down, select the 'Number' format instead of the default 'General' format.

3. The above will display the Cells as Numbers with 2 decimal places, simply remove the decimal places by clicking the decimal right shift button twice.

The Cells should now display solid numbers with no symbols or decimal places.

NOTE: The total Number of digits in each cell may vary depending on the Area code and Mobile carrier.