Baseball Administrator Update - 2

TG Platform - State & Association Administrator Update

The purpose of this email is to keep all Administrators informed of the developments of the Baseball Memberships and Competitions modules.

The competitions module will be completed 31 August 2017 and SportsTG, in conjunction with Baseball Australia and your state association, will deliver training in the week commencing 4 September 2017. Baseball Australia will be in contact with each state association to organise competition management training.

Below you will see a table which will update you as various releases are made live to the competitions module - however, we advise administrators only access this module once training has been completed.

We understand that this leaves many clubs and associations a short window to complete this task, however our developers are working around the clock to ensure we meet this timeframe.

The Membership system is almost complete. Please also see in the table below the outstanding functionality and when it will be completed.

We will continue to update this group each Friday as we test and release new updates to the system.

ItemSystem AreaUser Outcome
Registering Member Types other than a player (eg. volunteers, coaches, officials)MembershipI will be able to register non-players into my organisation
Run a report on who has registered and paid online (outside the settlement listing)MembershipWithin my member listing screen I will be able to see who is financial and the amount paid, I can then export this listing. 
Ability to test the form without data entering the member listingMembershipI will be able to test my registration form, without this data feeding into my member's listing. 
Ability for other organisational levels to action a refundMembershipI may be able to action a refund for one of my members (depending on the level of permission supplied by national/state level). 
Duplicate resolutionMembershipI will be able to resolve duplicates within my organisation
Create ladder, statistic and competition templatesCompetitionsI will be able to create (or use) templates for the purposes of setting up a competition
Create a competition (including pre-requisities eg. Seasons, age groups)CompetitionsI will be able to create a competition (including utilising templates, adding in exception dates, allocating the season, age group, and times)
Create teams (and define their home venues)CompetitionsI will be able to create a team and attach it to the relevant organisation
Add teams to a competition (with team linking to club organisation)CompetitionsI will be able to add my previously created teams into a competition 
Add players/team staff to a team CompetitionsI will be able to allocate members (players) into a team
Add venues and playing surfaces for fixturing capabilityCompetitionsI will be able to create venues (with sub-venues) into the system for the purposes of fixturing a competition
Generate a schedule (with teams, venues, dates/times)CompetitionsI will be able to generate a schedule of games (fixture) using either home grounds or time slots. 
Enter results for a game in the Console (club manager)CompetitionsAs a competition manager, I am able to enter results into the Console for my competitions. 
Enter player statistics for a game (club also)CompetitionsAs a competition manager, I am able to enter statistics into the console for a given match. 
View a ladder (both back end and front end)CompetitionsI will be able to view a ladder for competition both within the Console and via a website and APP interface
View player statistic leaders for a competitionCompetitionsI will be able to view statistics for a competition both within the Console and via a website
Public view of fixtures, ladders, resultsCompetitionsI will be able to view fixtures, results and ladders for a competition both within the Console and via a website and APP interface
Enable eligiblity for player's financial statusCompetitionsI will only be able to select player's who are financial within the system into a team. 
Attach a misconduct incident to a player within a gameCompetitionsI will be able to raise a misconduct incident during a game and attach it to a member record. 
Allocate umpires/officials to a game CompetitionsI will be able to allocate an umpire to a game
Publish umpires/officials allocations within each game (with ability to also hide allocations if required)CompetitionsI will be able to select whether this umpire allocation is published to my league website
Export venue schedule CompetitionsI will be able to filter fixtures by venue and print off a list of scheduled games 
Export statistics for players and teamsCompetitionsI will be able to export statistics via the reports module within TG Platform
If you require any assistance on utilising TG Platform, please contact our Customer Support team via or by calling 1300 139 970.


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