I have changed email addresses, how do I change this for my access?

I no longer have access to the email address I created my admin/user account with, how do I change this?

If you have admin access you will need to contact someone at your organisation that also has access as they will need to disable the admin access with your old email address and create a new admin account with your new email address, in which you need to create a new password to associate with this new email.

If you use this email to access the registration form, you will need to contact your organisation directly and get them to update the email address on your member profile as well as on the profile of any other members linked to your account. Unfortuntely, you cannot update the email address for your current user profile (that accesses the registration form) so you will need to create a new account on the registration form for this new email address.

If you have both admin access and registration form access with that one email address, you will need to do both listed above.