Dashboard Reports: Filtering

There has been some changes to the way the Dashboard reports can be filtered, now admins are able to filter via a variety of different fields depending on what they want out of the dashboard. This filtering option is available in all the Dashboard reports within the reporting section.

The fields in each of the dashboard will vary so the steps below are more of a guide on how the filters work in general rather than specifically how to filter every field. Use this as a guide on how to filter the dashboards- if you are still unsure how to best filter your dashboard based on the process below please email the support team who can provide further assistance.

NOTE: the higher the level, the more information will display. If filtering at a national level, you can filter by a specific club etc, whereas using the same filters at a club level will only bring in information for that club.

When you view a report you may notice that there are no filter options on the right hand side and this is becuase the report is currently fitering all the information or alternatively it will have a filter on the right hand side that ''includes all''.

In this example, filtering is based on that of a national state/body but the filters will work the same at a lower level- the information will just be restricted to the organisations in their heirarchy.


Although there is not much to filter in this dashboard, if you click on on a specific settlement year this will adjust the graphs to show the rough amount settled per year and vice versa.

Admins have the ability to filter to a certain timeframe within this dashboard, so they can filter specific months,weeks or days within the year to adjust the graphs to display the settlements for that period time. 

To do this, just selet the edit icon on the filter and choose which option you would like then click OK.


Admins can filter two ways within this dashboard, by clicking on a section (e.g member type, product, transaction type), or by editing the filters on the right hand side.

For example, if my organisation wanted to filter specifically on a specific product, in this case ''PVT National Product'' I am able to click on the product name on the graph itself or when clicking edit on the ''Product Name'' filter, search and select this particular product. 

This will then adjust the dashboard to show figures based on this particular product.


This dashboard can be filtered the same way as all the other dashboards, by clicking on a specific answer or question, or by filtering on the right hand side.

Clicking on an answer or a question will only displays figures for that one question/answer so if you are needing to display multiple questions/answers you will need to use the right hand side filter.

In this example I want to report on the following questions

  • allergies?
  • are you a coach or team manager?

Click edit on the Question filter on the right hand side. Search your first field > tick this field > search for your second field and tick this field. Both questions will now appear in that filter.

Once happy, click OK to apply these filters to the dashboard.

To filter these answers/questions via for a specific organisation/s click edit on the Organisation right hand side filter. Untick the top checkbox within this filter to remove all filter. Then search for the organisation you would like to filter by and tick the checkbox. Once happy click OK and the dashboard will adjust accordingly.

If you have applied filters but would like to revert the report back to show all the information, just click the blue switch button which will disable these filters (will be greyed out) and render the report back to display all information.

NOTE: if you filtered the dashboard and then leave the dashboard, the filters will remain on the dashboard the next time you view it - to change this, remove the filters or adjust the filters like in the steps above.