This article will cover the appearance section of the website. You can set these colours, knowing that your GameDay website will apply them in a smart way to keep your content readable for website visitors.

LogoYou can set the main logo of your site here. This logo will appear in the header of your website.
Background ColourThis will set the default background colour of your website in the:
  • main header 
  • sections of your homepage. Our smart application of colour will mean this varies depending on the position and content of the panels.
Text ColourThis will set the text colour of your website. When you chose this colour, make sure it contrasts with the Background Colour (above), so people can read it easily. You can check your text contrast tool: contrast checker
Button ColourThis will set button colours on your site.
Button TextThis will set the button text on your site.
Custom CSSYou can add your own custom styles here.