How do I create a competition?

Hover over Competitions and select Manage Competitions.

Click Create Competition.This will open the Competition creation wizard.

NOTE:  at any time you can Save & Exit the wizard and return later to complete it.

Complete the basic settings page.  Any field with an asterisk is mandatory.

When you get to the Team nomination section, click Expand.

Complete any relevant information and click Close.

Click the magnifying glass to select a Competition Template from the list.

Once you have completed all the required information, click Continue.

If you need to include an exception date, click Create new exception date.

Enter a description, start date/time and end date/time.  Click Save.

NOTE:  if your exception date has already been created, click the drop down arrow on the Create button and select Add existing exception date.

Click Save & Continue.

You need to add teams to your competition.  A list of available teams displays on the left.  To add a team to your competition, click the arrow beside the team.  This will move the team to right.  When you have added all your teams, click Continue.

NOTE:  the maximum number of teams you can add was defined on the first page in the Number of teams field.

If your team does not have a home ground allocated, a pop-up opens for you to add one.

Tick the magnifying glass and select the ground from the list.  Click Save.

Select your playing surfaces.  Click the drop down arrow before the venue name.  This will display a list of playing surfaces at that venue.  Click on the arrow next to the playing surface to add it to the list on the right.  Click Continue.

Select the number of rounds you want to create the fixture for.  By default, the total number of rounds is entered into the field.  

NOTE:  you don't have to create a complete fixture at this time.  You can come back later and complete the fixture, even if some games have already been played.

Select Automatically generate a balanced schedule.

NOTE:  to upload a fixture from a csv file, see the article How do I upload fixtures from a .csv file?

Click Generate Draft Schedule.

Review the draft fixture.  Click Finish.

Your competition is created and will open on the screen.  There are many tabs you can access to add additional information.