How do I create a product?

Select Products & Forms from the top menu, then select the Products tab.

Click Add New Product. This opens the Create Registration Fee pop-up.

Enter all the required information.

General Items

What it is

Product NameThis is the name of the product as it will appear on the registration form.
DescriptionExplanation of what the product is.
Product TypeMembership - you cannot change this
Product Categorynot used
Payment OptionHow the member can pay
Available From and Available ToDates the product is available for sale.  It will only appear on the form between these dates.
GST applicable?Check this box if the product includes GST.  Ensure your pricing includes GST.
StatusActive is the default.  Don't change this or your product will not be available.

Display Rules Items

What it is

Only show to genderSelect which gender for which your product is available
Only show to member born afterThis is the maximum age the member must be to purchase this product
Only show to member born beforeThis is the minimum age the member must be to purchase this product
Only show to member typeSelect which member types can purchase this product.

Conditional Products are explained in a separate article: How do I make a product dependent on another product?

Grants Member Type is where you select which member type the member will have once they purchase this product.

Click Next Step.

To set the registration fee effective dates, select Registration Fee Effective Date and Registration Fee End Date. This is the validity period for the registration.

The drop down list gives you options for how you want to set the dates.

Click Next Step.

Enter the fee amount under List Price. 

Click Next Step.

To apply split rule for this fee, click on the magnifying glass and select the rule.

Click Next Step.

Review all the information and click Confirm and Save.