How do I upload a profile photo?

Members now have the ability to upload a profile image that will be displayed on their account when registering and on their member profile within the database. This field is not compulsory on the form so you can choose whether or not you want to upload an image.

NOTE: Recommended profile image size should be 200pixels x 200pixels and no bigger than 5MB.

1. View the registration form

2. If you are an existing member please log into your account. If you are a new member please click the sign up option and follow the prompts.

3. If you are a registering an existing member click on THEIR NAME, otherwise click NEW PARTICIPANT to register someone new

4. On the Basic Information page under the PROFILE IMAGE heading, click ADD IMAGE

5. Select your image from your photo library

6. The image will then be reflected on the form. This may take a few seconds to upload. To edit or change the image, click EDIT

7. Fill in your details and complete the registration form.

8. This profile image is now displayed on your member profile (which only admins can see).

When re-registering via the registration form in future, this image will appear every time you register. You can edit this image anytime you register or leave it as is. If you would like to delete your profile image completely, then you will need to contact your organisation and they can remove this for you.