How do I upload documents via the registration form?

If members are being asked to upload documents for their organisation, they can do this via the registration form itself. Your organisation will have created custom questions in which you will be able to upload these documents.

NOTE: you will need to get a registration form from your club before you are able to do this

1. View the registration form

2. If you are an existing member please log into your account. If you are a new member please click the sign up option and follow the prompts

3. If you are a registering an existing member click on THEIR NAME, otherwise click NEW PARTICIPANT to register someone new

4. Fill in the information on the basic details page

5. Find the question that needs you to upload a document - this can be a question like Working With Children's Check, Birth Certificate etc.

6. Click CHOOSE A FILE on this question

7. Select the file from your computer

If the file size or format is not accepted, an error message will appear in red and disappear after a few seconds - check the file size and format and then re-upload.

For document upload sizes and format or general FAQ's please click here

8. If your document has been uploaded successfully it will be show in green - to delete or change the document click the BIN button and reselect a file.

9. Repeat the above for any other questions that need documents uploaded.

NOTE: if the question is not compulsory you do not need to upload a document. You can choose to skip these if you wish. Only those with a red asterisks* need to be uploaded.

10. Continue through the form and complete your registration.

11. This document will now appear on your member profile (only admins can see this). If you need to change or remove this document, please contact your organisation who can remove this.