How do I view/edit/delete a member note?

Administrators have the ability to view, download, edit and delete (based on permissions) member notes.

1. Log into your organisation.

2. Click the arrow against MEMBERSHIPS.

3. Click MEMBERS.

4. Search for the members name within the member list and the click VIEW.

5. Click on the DOCUMENTS & NOTES tab within the member profile.

NOTE: if you do not have the options to view, delete or edit these notes, it means that the permission is set to the only viewable/editable/deletable by the organisation that it was added to, so you will need to contact the relevant organisation to make any changes to this.

6. Under the NOTES tab, to view a member note, click VIEW.

6a. A pop up box will appear to see information and documents related to the member note.

7. To EDIT a member note, click the drop down arrow against the note and click EDIT.

7a. A pop up box will appear for you to edit information related to the note.

8. To DELETE a member note, click the drop down arrow against the note and click DELETE.

8a. A confirmation box will appear to confirm you want to delete this note. Click YES.


Yes admins have the ability to see what date and time a member note was added and edited as well as what organisation and admin made the change.

To see what date and time a member note was added and/or updated at, you can see this against the member note itself.

To see what organinsation and admin added and/or updated this member note, you can see this against the note itself by hovering over the DATE/TIME ADDED AND UPDATED fields.

  • ADDED BY: this will dsiplay as the account name of the admin that added this note at the time- this will be a name of an admin that is listed as an admin/contact for that organisation.
  • ADDED ORGANISATION: this is the name of the organisation that the admin was logged into at the time it was added/updated.
    • This is the organisation where the person is an admin for (organisation they directly logged into to add/update this note) - if an admin logs into their account but is part of one organisation (e.g national body) and drills down/logs into another organisation (e.g club) and updates or adds a note, this will reflect the organisation they an admin for (so national), not the one they log into from a higher level. If the admin needs to add it at a specific organisation, they need to be an actual admin for that organisation and log into that organisation directly.