How to check for a Domain Name Setting (DNS) Error

Sometimes clients will ring or email and say "My website is down" and immediately assume it is because there is a problem with a website.

In these situations they will send images across that look like this:

It can be tricky to tell if an error like this is caused by the website's server having an issue or if it is actually caused by the client's domain name settings (DNS) being incorrectly configured. But here is a 1st level support check you can run to potentially diagnose it as a DNS issue to go back to the client with before web dev do their checks.

1. Check this Support Sheet - ("IP Address" tab) - for the URL's IP address. eg.

2. Then go to

3. Paste the url into the checker (leave out the "http://" or "https://)

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the results until you get to the A record. 

5. Check that the A record has the same IP address as the Support Passwords spreadsheet

6. In this particular test the A record IP address matches what SportsTG has in the Support Passwords spreadsheet. This means that the DNS is correctly configured to point the domain name to our server where the website is hosted.

7. If the A record is IP address is incorrect, or the result has an error you might see something like this 

8. If you see an error like the one above, or the IP address is not correct, then you must tell the client their DNS is incorrect and needs to have the A record point to the IP address in our Spreadsheet.