Member ID Management FAQ's

Below is a list of the frequently asked questions regarding member IDs as well as rules that apply for member IDs:

How do I enable memberID management?

If you are a state, association or club that is part of a national sporting body within Gameday, then this may already be enabled for your sport, so please speak to your state or national body regarding this.

If you are an national body or an organisation not affiliated with a national sporting body, then please contact our commercial team to get set up to use ID management via or contact your account manager directly.

What is the difference between a Season Based and Lifelong rule sub type?

Lifelong - This means that the member ID for a member won't change regardless of what season/year they register into. This one is the most common used by sports as most sports have the one season per year and so it is easier to identify them based off this.

Season based - this will be the ID a member will get for that particular season. If your organisation works off seasons (eg. a winter and a summer season) throughout the year and your organisation would like two different IDs for each of these different seasons then this is the option you would use.

How does a member ID get generated?

A member ID is generated based on the following rule:

A member must have at least one non-inactive product assigned to their record. The status can be active, pending, pending active or pending approval. If a member has one of more of those products linked to their record then the ID will be automatically generated for them. If using the season based rule sub type then the product they registered with must be based on that season that rule has set (so the product effective/end date needs to be season specific).

Does the memberID get generated automatically?

Currently our system runs a job in the backend to generate member IDs every 5 minutes, so please allow 5 minutes after a member has registered via a form or been manually added (with a non-inactive product added) for the ID to appear for the member.

Can a member who was manually added have a memberID generated?

Yes, a manually added member can have a memberID generated, as long as it reflects the rule that that member has at least one (or more) non-inactive products assigned to their record. If a member is manually added and a product is added to their record please allow 5mins for this ID to generate. Details on how to manually add a product to a members record, click here.

Where can I view a membersID?

Member IDs can be viewed within the specific organisation within a members record, can be configured to be displayed when viewing a member list and can be found in reporting.

Can I search our organisation using a member ID?

Yes, just input the specific memberID into the search bar at the top of the platform and it will find the relevant member with that ID.

Can I see previous IDs for a member?

Yes, you can view a members previous ID history (if they have one) via their member profile. How to view this can be found here (input link).

Can I manually change/input an ID for a member?

Yes this is possible. You first need to wait until their automatic memberID has been generated and then you can go into their record and update their memberID to be what you would like.

You can only do this if your organisation is configured to manage memberIDs (e.g if you are a club and your sport is using a national number than you would need national to make this change for you).

If another member already has the ID that you want for this other member, when you save it will return a message saying this ID is already in use. If that appears, then you will need to search and find the other member first, change their member number to something different and then go back to your original member and update the ID. 

Does changing an active rule change the current memberID that existing members have?

Yes. If an admin decides to change the active memberID rule throughout the year/season then this will update both existing and new member IDs to display based on that new rule.

The previous ID that the member had with the old rule will be visible within their members profile history but the new ID based on the new rule will be reflected within their member profile.

Can I report on memberIDs?

Yes, these IDs will appear in all member related reports.