Organisation ID FAQ's

How do I enable organisationID management?

If you are a state, association or club that is part of a national sporting body within Gameday, then this may already be enabled for your sport, so please speak to your state or national body regarding this.

If you are an national body or an organisation not affiliated with a national sporting body, then please contact our commercial team to get set up to use ID management via or contact your account manager directly.

How long does it take for an organisation ID to generate?

Currently our system runs a job in the backend to generate organisation IDs every 5 minutes, so please allow 5 minutes after an organisation has been created for the ID to appear.

Can I manually change an organisation ID?

No. Once an organisation ID has been created it cannot be manually changed. If you wish to change the organisation IDs you will need to change the current active rule, in which the organisation ID will then change.

If I change the organisation ID rule throughout the season/year will it change the current existing organisation IDs?

Yes and no. Depending on the option you select when changing to another rule will depend on if only the new organisations created will be based on this new rule or if both new and existing organisations will have IDs created based on this rule.

You have two options to select from when changing a rule:

Update rule only - this means that this new rule will only apply to NEW ORGANISATIONS created after this rule is active - it will not change existing organisation IDs

Generate Historical IDs - this will update the existing organisation IDs for those already created AS WELL as use this rule when new organisations are created.

Can an organisation ID only just have letters?

No, organisation IDs must have at least one number to generate correctly.

Can I report on organisation IDs?

Yes. These IDs will appear in the relevant organisation related reports.

Can I search for an organisation by it's ID?

Yes. If you know the organisation ID then you can search it within the search bar within your organisaton. Lower levels cannot search for higher level organisation IDs, only those at higher levels can search lower level IDs.

Can I see an organisaions past organisation IDs (if any)?

No, you are unable to see an organisations previous ID if you happen to change the rule at any point.

Can I edit an active rule?

No. If a rule is currently active you cannot edit this rule. If you need to make changes you will need to create a new rule and then use this new rule as the active rule.