How do I edit my organisation soft descriptor and refund period?

1. Click on the arrow against My Organisation, select Financial Settings.

2. Click on the Proccessing Fees tab.


This will be what users see on their Payment Receipt Email/Bank statement after purchasing products. This allows a member to know what organisation the payment was for. Usually an acronym of the organisations name is used here. 

For example; if the organisations name is Test Hockey Club, then the soft descriptor could be something along the lines of TestHC.

NOTE: the soft descriptor cannot have any special characters.


The processing fee is the service fee the SportsTG charges for using the payment gateway for all organisations and has been discussed and accepted by the national body of your sport. This is locked off and cannot be changed.


3. Click on the Refunds tab.

Organisations can set their own straight refund period, in which they determine after how many days of purchasing can a member request a full refund on their product purchased. Input the amount of days the organisation wishes to allow.

Any order transacted outside of this period cannot be refunded so you will need to update this straight refund period.