Tabular Reports: Filtering

There has been some changes to the way the Tabular reports can be filtered- previously they could only be filtered by certain fields however now admins are able to filter via a variety of different fields depending on what they want out of the report. This filtering option is available in all the Tabular reports.

The fields in each of the reports will vary so the steps below are more of a guide on how the filters work in general rather than specifically how to filter every generic field. Use this as a guide on how to filter the reports - if you are still unsure how to best filter your report based on the process below please email the support team who can provide further assistance.

These new filtering options will mainly be used for the transactions reports and filtering the order year down even further.

NOTE: only the generic drop down fields at the top of the report can be filtered, so if you require anything more specific for your report then it will be best to export based on the current filters and then filter further within a excel/CSV.

The reports now enable an admin to report via one of two ways:

1. By generic filter; like specific organisation, order year, status, member type etc.

2. By specific fields within each generic filter; like only one or two member types, within the last 60 days etc.This type of filter will appear once you select a generic filter.

When you view a report you may notice that there are no filter options on the left hand side and this is becuase the report is currently fitering all the information related to all the generic fields. 

Once you start filtering based off those generic fields this will then display those specifc fields on the right hand side of the screen in which you can then filter even more. Some filters will also have a search bar to make it easier.

In this example we will use the Order Year as the main filter as this has quite a few options to it.

To edit these filters or see more specific fitlers click on the pencil icon when hovering over the right hand corner of these boxes.

Once you click on this pencil icon, this will display another branch pop up which allows the admin to select further options to select for this filter field.

This particular filter provides the admin with the option to filter the report more specifically by a list, calendar and timeframe in relation to the order year selected.

The order year can be filtered several ways:

  • BY LIST - this allows you filter by different time periods, like years, months, days etc- just click the arrow on the drop down list
  • BY CALENDAR - this allows you to filter by selecting a certain period within a calendar view, selecting a particular quarter via the drop down list, or manually inputting a from-to date.
  • BY TIMEFRAME - this allows the user to filter by selecting a specific timeframe, in terms of years, months, days etc.

Once you are happy with filters click the OK button at the bottom of that filter to apply those changes. The report may take a couple of seconds to render the changes so please be patient.

If you have applied filters but would like to revert the report back to show all the information, just click the switch button which will disable these filters (will be greyed out) and render the report back to the generic filters. Make sure you also adjust the generic filters at the top back to no selection in order to get all information.

NOTE: if you filtered the report and then leave the report, the filters will remain on the report the next time you view it - to change this, remove the filters or adjust the filters like in the steps above.