How do I register someone else?

Once you have logged in you are taken to the first page of the registration process.

When registering for another person, click the first question and select Someone else.

Enter the required information.  

NOTE:  the next time you login to register, you will be able to select the person you are registering now.  When you select their name, all of their information will auto-fill.

Click Next.

On the Select your registration options page, you should only see registration fees applicable to the person you are registering based on their age.

NOTE:  Some fees are mandatory and entered at the national or state level.

Since these fees are mandatory, they are already ticketed.  In this instance, there are no club fees.  You may have the option to select other products depending on how the form was set up.

Click Next.

On the Just a few more details page, complete the information requested.  

NOTE:  any question with a red asterisk is mandatory.  You will not be able to continue until they are completed.

You must tick the box agreeing to abide by the Member Protection and Privacy Policies of Baseball NSW and Baseball Australia.

Click Next.

The Summary page shows what you are registering for and how much it costs.

If all the details are correct, click Proceed to payment.

Enter your credit card details and click Pay Now or click the link to Pay with PayPal.

You will receive a confirmation with an order number.

The person who logged in will receive an email confirmation of the registrations as well as an invoice email.