Frequently Asked Questions

I can see a tab related to ''age groups'' however I cannot see where to create these?

Currently the admin portal does not allow admins to create age groups, as this functionality is still being worked on by our development team. Our team hopes to enable this functionality in the near future when our competition functionality becomes available, but in the mean time you will be unable to assign members to age groups.

I have members appearing multiple times, can I merge these members?

Currently, duplicate resolution for members is not functional. This function is beindg worked on by our product and development team who hope to have this functionality working in the near future.

At what level are you able to request a clearance from?

If a member requires a clearance, these clearance requests can only be done at club level. You will need to contact the club the member wishes to transfer to who can request the transfer.

How do I reset my password for my account?

If you need to reset your password for your admin access, click here (insert admin url) and click forgot next to the password field.

If you need to reset your password for a registration form, view the link of the registration form and click forgot next to the password field.

Can I use the same email address for my admin access as well as for my account when registering?

Yes, you can! You will just need to ensure you create a new account for the access you don't have, so basically you will have two accounts under the one email, one for admin access and one for user access.

If you have admin access already, you will need to go into the registration form and create an account using the same email address. If you have an account for the registration form already, you will need to contact someone from your club who can grant you admin access. 

I have admin access, what is the link to be able to log into my portal?

The link admins use to log into their organisation portal is:

If I have admin access and registration form access with the same email address and password, do I need to use an incognito window to view the form?

No. If you have admin access and created a user account to access the registration form with the same log in details, you can have the registration form open at the same time as you have your admin access open. You can choose to use an icognito browser if you wish.

Am I restricted to what browser I can use to view the portal via my admin access?

No. You can use any of the main website browsers to view this portal, including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. We do, however, recommend using Google Chrome as it is the safer and better browser.

Can I view the organisation portal via my admin access via tablet or phone?

You can, however the portal may not function as well as it does via a computer or laptop. This portal is best utilised when it it accessed on a laptop or computer.