How do I request a clearance for a member?

NOTE: Only clubs can request clearances as well as approve/deny clearances. If you are at a higher level you will need to drill down to the club to request or approve/deny clearances.

NOTE: Clearances should be requested from the club that member wishes to transfer to.

1. Click the arrow against Memberships, and click on Clearances.

2. From the In Progress tab, click Create Clearance Request.

3. Input the first name, last name and date of birth of the member and click search

  • The members first name and last name match that to what is currently listed for them within their club, otherwise the member won't be found, so please check this before requesting and get their club to change if needed.

4. After searching, the member should appear in the list.

  • A member can appear multiple times if they have been at a different club throughout their playing history so be sure to select their current primary club.

5. Click request transfer for the relevant club- this will be the club they are coming from.

6. Input a description related to the transfer- why the member wants to transfer, then click continue

  • This is not mandatory so you can leave this blank of you prefer.

7. A summary page will appear for you to look over the clearance request details. If happy click save to confirm the request.

9. This clearance has now been successfully requested and you should be taken to the request page where it will now display as pending.

NOTE: a clearance request email will be sent to the admin that requests the clearance, along with the member themselves to confirm this has been requested successfully, while as the primary contact for the club they are requesting the transfer from will be notified they have a pending transfer request.