How do I disable admin access?

Other admins have the ability to disable admins if they are no longer part of the organisation or if they no longer have access to that email address.

Note: this will be the same process if you need to disable an admin for an organisation within your heirarchy. Just log into that organisation and follow this process.

To disable an admins access:

1. Click on the arrow against My Organisation and click Admins & Contacts.

2. Click the Drop Down Arrow across from the admins name, then click Disable Admin.

3. You will then be asked to confirm if you would like to disable this admin, click Disable.

4. This member has now had their account disabled.

An admin no longer has access to the email address that their access is linked to, how do I update this to reflect the new email address?

If an admin no longer has access to the email address they have their admin access linked to, then you will need to disable the admin and then create a new admin user with the new email address- unforunately you cannot update the email address within the current access they have.

To disable the admin, use the steps above, then create a new admin with the new email address the user now has.