Can I create new and existing custom questions within form?

When setting up the registration form, you have the ability to add in new custom questions as well as add in existing questions.

NOTE: this section saves automatically once a question/s is added to the form.


1. Edit the registration form.

2. On the Questions and Layout tab, use the search bar or view click on the page numbers to find the relevant existing questions.

3. Once you have found the question, click on the question name to add it to the form.


1. Edit the registration form.

2. On the Questions and Layout tab, select one of the types you would like your question to be.

  • Text field: where a member will input some sort of sentence or words related to the question.
  • Number: this is a question that requires a specific number to be input.
  • Picklist: this is a question where they need to select from a drop down list of different options.
  • Multiple Choice: this is a question where they can select one or more answers.
  • Date: a question where a specific date needs to be input as an answer.
  • Checkbox: a question where a person can check the box to confirm/deny a question.
  • Terms or Privacy Policy: a question where users are required to read Terms and Conditions or a Privacy Policy for the organisation.
  • Document upload: enables a user to upload a document or image.

You also have the ability to add a custom Header Text and Paragraph Block which allows you to put a heading and information on your form if a question on your forms needs a little more information or you just want to make a note that people can read while going through the form.

3. Input the question name, question text, whether or not the question is mandatory and any other relevant information, then click Save.

  • For those questions that are of the picklist and multiple choice type, you can edit the answers to these once you have create the question itself. Please see the adding answers article on how to edit these.

4. Question has now been added to the form.

5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more questions to the form.

NOTE: both existing and new questions after being added to the form are automatically saved, so you can then continue through the form. You will be asked to save any changes if you edit any of the questions now on the form.