How do I make a question dependent on another question?

You might want to create questions that, depending on the answer, need other questions answered.  These are conditional questions.

NOTE: the question that this conditional question is dependent on must be created and added to the registration form first. The question will not appear to select from if the question is not already on the form.

NOTE: currently questions cannot be made dependent on products - our team is working on making this a functionality.

1. Once you have added your question/s to the form, click the drop down arrow next to the question you need to be dependent to expand it.

In this example when a user answers 1 to the ''how many cars do you own?'' question, we want to show the ''car colour of car 1'' question for the user to fill out.

2. Under Advanced Options, click Expand.

3. Select which members will need to answer the question or if it is specific to an age group or gender. If this is not relevant, leave the options as is.

4.In the Show question only if users answers section, select the question from the drop down list. 

5. Undernearth the If answer is selected section, Tick the relevant answer that is required to be selected in order for this conditional question to show.

6. Once happy, click save.