How to view entrants that have registered to the event?

Once your event registration form is up and running and entrants register to the event via the event form, if you would like to view what entrants are currently registered to the event, please see the below:

1. Hover over EVENTS > click on MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Click on the drop down arrow against the relevant event.

3. Click VIEW.

You will then be taken to the event detail page for the event.

4. Click on PARTICIPANTS BY PRODUCT to view the entrants currently registered to the event.

This will list the generic information related to the entrants now registered to this event.

To view the entrants ''member profile'' for the event click VIEW against the entrants name. This will display information similar to the how normal member profile displays.


Currently there is an attendance tracking tab within the event view where the QR codes for each individual and product is stored.

Currently this is just a display view as out team is currently working on how to inegrate this to display and activate when a QR code is scanned on the event day so you can confirm who has scanned into the event.

This will be coming in the coming months.