How do I correctly set up a terms and conditions question?

There are two ways you can configure a terms & condition question or a privacy policy question. Regardless of how this is set up, this question type will displays as a pop up box within the form.

NOTE: we recommend you use the basic set up of this type of question unless you have more advanced knowlege on HTML codes and how to set this up correctly.


1. Edit the relevent registration form.

2. Create or add a new T&Cs/Privacy Policy question.

3. In the Terms Or Privacy Policy Full Text Box, copy and paste or input all the information you need members to know regarding this.

4. Once happy with the information, click save.

The basic set up for a terms and conditions question will be to copy and paste your terms and conditions or privacy policy information straight into the full text box within this question. There is no character limit for these types of question, you can put as much or as little information as you need.

On the registration form, this question will display about the first 10 or so rows of the information, then if there is more information to view, a ''view more'' option will appear, in which the full information will appear in a pop up box.


You can set up this type of question to be more advanced where this box has a link to the information via a hyperlink or changes in font style like bold, italics and underlines.

HMTL coding starts and ends with angled brackets and anything inside these brackets will determine how the information will look and behave.

  • Heading Code: this will be if you need a heading for parts of your information.
    • <h?> input text here </h?>
  • Parapgrah code: this will most likely be what you use to section out your information.
    •  <p> input text here </p>
  • Linked text: where you information is hyperlink via a website URL or PDF or word document
    •  <a href="url"> link name </a>
  • Bold wording: wording that needs to be in bold.
    •  <b> input text here </b>
  • Italic wording: wording that needs to be in italics.
    •  <i> input text here </i>
  • Underline wording: wording that needs to be underlined.
    •  <u> input text here </u>

More information related to the different codes can be found here.

Using HTML coding like the ones above, will look something like this within the Full Text Box for this type of question.

While on the form, it will appear something like this.

NOTE: we only recommend you use this option if you are familiar with how HMTL coding works. The SportsTG support team may not have sufficient knowledge on HTML codes, so they may not be able to assist with this, so it is recommend you speak to someone at the club who may know more or you can even Google search how to do this.