Navigating GameDay

GameDay's left-hand menu provides organisation administrators with a variety of modules and sub-menu options covering the full scope of GameDay's functionality.

To expand a menu section, click the arrow to the right of the menu text (where available)

You can also show or hide the entire left-hand menu using the horizontal arrow that displays when hovering over the menu.

GameDay's available menus are defined below:

Dashboard & Toolbar

The Dashboard and Toolbar allow you to:

  • See visual data insights relating to members and events
  • Search for information across your database
  • Access GameDay Community
  • Access GameDay Marketplace
  • Access GameDay's integrated help widget
  • Access Notifications
  • Toggle between Dark Mode and Light Mode layouts
  • Access GameDay's Online Learning Academy
  • Switch Organisations
  • Log Out

My Organisation

The My Organisation menu allows you to:

  • Confirm and edit your Organisation Details
  • Add new Admins & Contacts to your database
  • Access general settings including Seasons, Age Groups, Member Types, and ID Management


The Finances menu allows you to:

  • View your Orders list
  • View your Settlements list
  • Nominate a bank account to which settlements will be distributed
  • Edit Refund Settings
  • View your Processing Fees
  • View available Payment Gateways


The Members menu allows you to:

  • View your Member List
  • Export your Member List to CSV
  • Request and approve Clearances
  • Create Email Communication Templates
  • Communicate with your members via email

Membership Forms

The Membership Forms menu allows you to:

  • Create, edit, and share Membership Forms
  • Configure the look and feel of your Membership Forms

Products & Questions

The Products & Questions menu allows you to:

  • Create, edit, and copy Products
  • Create and edit Product Attributes
  • Create and edit custom Questions


The Promotions menu allows you to:

  • Apply Standard Discounts (percentage or amount-based) to your products
  • Apply Bundle Discounts to your products
  • Create Generic or Unique Promo Codes to be used in your registration forms


The Events menu allows you to:

  • Create Event Registration Forms and Landing Pages
  • Design the look and feel of your Event Registration Forms and Landing Pages
  • Track event attendance using unique QR Codes
  • Create unique Event Entrant IDs
  • Sync your event with ECAL
  • Communicate with Event Entrants
  • Create custom email communication templates


The Reports menu allows you to:

  • Access, modify, and download visual Dashboard Reports.
  • Access, modify, and download table-based Tabular Reports.