Member Custom Question Dashboard Report

The Member Custom Question Dashboard Report will display information within individual graphs in which you can then export as individual graphs or one large graph. This dashboard report is available to all Organisations.

The custom questions answered by members within the form will automatically be pulled into these graphs so there is no need for you to customise a report to gather this information. The column graph and table graph will be the main ones to view if you need information related to the custom questions answered within a form.

1. Go to Reports.

2. On the Reports Dashboard tab, click View Report against the Membership Questions Dashboard.

3. This may take a moment or two to load so please be patient.

4. You will then be displayed with different graphs related to the custom questions members answered via the registration form.

This report shows graphs related to:

  • How many members selected questions to the answers
  • How many people from each organisation within your heirarchy has had members answer these questions
  • Full list that shows the member name, organisation, gender and answer to the questions asked within the registration form.
  • The percentage of members that answered these questions.