How do I create an Event Entry event?

The set up for an event Entry Event is similar to a normal Ticketing event set up, however it includes additional options to create and manage Sub-Events and allows you to implement Event Participant IDs. 

Admins can also set-up Ticketing type event products within an Event Entry event to allow for flexibility to sell tickets in addition to event entry (ie. Ticketing could be used to manage Travel to/from an Event while Event Entry will manage a participants entry into an Event).

1. Click the drop down arrow against EVENTS > MANAGE EVENTS.

2. Under the EVENTS tab, click CREATE NEW EVENT.

3. Input the event name.

4. Select EVENT ENTRY as the event type.

5. Select NO against use sub events.

6. Input a timezone and an event start and end date/time.

7. Fill out all event details.

7a. Against member types you can either create an event member type or use the default member type available.

7b. If you have multiple member types listed but only want entrants to be able to register with the one member type then TICK the allow only one member type to be selected checkbox. If you want members to select as many member types as they wish then leave this box unticked.

8. Move onto Step 2: Event Products & Groups.

This is where you can create products for this event or add existing ones you created beforehand. This is also where the event participant IDs come into play. If you wish for your event to generate participant IDs, you need to set these up as products and then add these to the form.

9. Move onto Step 3: Questions & Layout.

10. Move onto Step 4: Messaging & Notifications.

10a. Under the MESSAGING tab Input any messaging you would like for when the entrant registers (this is based on the parrent event, not each sub event so make this generic). 

10b. Under the TICKET & INVOICE tab, you also have the option on whether or not you would like to generate an event ticket and event entry pass for the participant based on their registration- this is automatically defaulted to YES, so untick this box if you wish to not have one generated for entrants. More information on event tickets/passes can be found here (insert link).

11. Move onto Step 5: Publish.

Input the relevant sub domain and form status for this event as per a normal event set up.