How do I manually add a registration to a member record?

As a GameDay administrator, you can manually add a registration product to a member's record, which includes the ability to record an offline payment or process a live payment on the member's behalf. This can be useful if a member cannot access a secure connection to register themselves or would prefer to pay over the phone or with an administrator in person.

To manually record a registration in GameDay:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Members > MEMBERS

2. Find the applicable member and click VIEW

3. On the member record, click the MEMBERSHIPS tab


6. Click ADD PRODUCTS and select the product you want to add to the registration.

7. Once you've assigned a Product, choose one of the below options to complete the registration:

  • Unpaid: Allows you to add the registration to their record but still have it listed as Unpaid. 
  • Paid: Allows you to manually mark the registration as Paid (I.e. if the payment has been made offline by cash, cheque etc.).
  • Process payment now: Allows you to process a live payment using GameDay's integrated payment gateway.

Once you've completed the registration, it will appear on the member record under the Memberships tab.