How do I view a memberID?

Admins can view memberIDs within a members profile. Remember that IDs are only generated when a member has at least one non-inactive product assigned to their record. The status can be active, pending, pending active or pending approval and will take about 5mins to generate (after registration).

1. Click on the drop down arrow against MEMBERSHIPS > click on MEMBERS.

2. Search for the relevant member.

3. Click VIEW against their name within the member list.

4. Scroll down to the MEMBER ORGANISATION INFORMATION heading > click the drop down arrow against their organisation.

5. The memberID field will be visible under the MEMBER IDS heading section of the profile.

NOTE: if enabled, one or more memberID fields may be visible within the profile depending on the set up of your sport.

NOTE: only those levels that have memberIDs configured to manage can edit these memberIDs. If your level cannot edit a memberID it means you are not configured to manage this so please speak to your sport who can make these changes or configure this for your level to manage.