How do I refund or cancel an order?

Organisations have the ability to refund the whole amount or a partial amount of an order.

1. Click arrow against My Organisation, and select Finances.

2. On the Orders tab, click VIEW against an order.

NOTE: Refunds can only be issued if the products purchased are from that organisation, if the transaction is from organisation higher than your organisation (e.g state or national), please contact that level who can refund those particular transactions from their level.

NOTE: Refunds can only be processed for those orders that have been PAID.

NOTE: You can cancel and refund an order at the same time (as long as the refund period is set correctly).

3. On the order details page, click the REFUND OR CANCEL ORDER button.

4. A pop up box will appear asking you to select the relevant product/s you want to REFUND

  • You can only refund a product from your organisation, if you need to refund a higher level product you will need to contact the organsiation
  • You will notice there is a FUNDS AVAILABLE view - you can only refund if you have funds available. If you have no funds available this will display INSUFFICIENT FUNDS and you will need to refund after you receive your next settlement.

5. Tick the item/s that the member needs refunded, then click Continue.

6. In the REFUND AMOUNT column input the amount needing to be refunded of this order. This column automatically defaults to the total price of the order. If you need to partially refund then make sure you adjust this to suit.

You can refund a full amount and a partial amount at the same time or just one or the other.

In the below example I am refunding the total amount of product 1 and then a partial amount of product 2.

7. A confirmation page will display (information will be greyed out) so you can check all details of the refund are correct . Once happy, click Confirm and Issue Refund.

8. A successful refund page will then appear, confirming the refund has been completed.

9. Select Done, and this will take you to the order details page, in which this will now reflect as refunded or parital refund.

The member will also receive an email with this refund summary.

NOTE: the funds will be received into the members account within 3-5 business days after refunding.