How do I refund a paid order?

Organisations collecting payments through GameDay's registration and payment features have the ability to refund the whole amount or a partial amount of any order where payment was processed online using GameDay's integrated payment gateway (Credit Card or PayPal).


  • Refunds can only be issued for products purchased from your organisation. If the order contains products from another organisation in the hierarchy, those organisations will need to process the refund for those particular products that are part of the order
  • Your organisation's Refund Period will determine if an order can be refunded
  • Refunds can only be processed for those orders that have been Paid online

To refund a paid order through your database:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Finances > FINANCES

2. On the Orders tab, click VIEW next to the order you wish to refund

3. On the order details page, click the REFUND ORDER button.

4. A pop up box will appear, asking you to select the relevant product(s) you want to refund. Tick the CHECKBOX on the left-hand side under the Refund column to select one or more products to refund.

Note: The Rem Balance column will display the remaining funds you have available in your account to process this refund. If you are attempting to refund an amount exceeding your balance, you will receive an error message and will be unable to proceed with the refund until additional funds are processed into your database through other paid orders.

You can issue a partial refund by manually updating the amount in the Refund Amount column.


6. Confirm the refund details, then click CONFIRM & ISSUE REFUND

A confirmation message will then appear if your refund was processed successfully.

Note: Please allow 3-5 business days after processing the refund for the funds to be received by the member