How do I change an organisation ID rule?

Admins can change the rule of how organisation IDs are created at any time.

If I change the organisation ID rule throughout the season/year will it change the current existing organisation IDs?

Yes and no. Depending on the option you select when changing to another rule will depend on if only the new organisations created will be based on this new rule or if both new and existing organisations will have IDs created based on this rule.

Can I edit an inactive rule?

Yes, as long as the rule is currently inactive and has not been used in the past you can edit this rule before making it active. You cannot edit an inactive rule that has been used in the past and had IDs generated.

1. Click the drop down arrow against MY ORGANISATION > click on SETTINGS.

2. Click on the ID MANAGEMENT tab.

3. If not already defaulted, click on the ORGANISATION ID tab.

4. If you already have a rule created feel free to use that, otherwise create a new rule.

5. Click the drop down arrow against the rule and click USE THIS RULE.

6. A confirmation box will appear and ask you how you would like to apply this rule for organisations.

Update rule only - this means that this new rule will only apply to NEW ORGANISATIONS created after this rule is active - it will not change existing organisation IDs

Generate Historical IDs - this will update the existing organisation IDs for those already created AS WELL as use this rule when new organisations are created.

7. This new rule will now be active and adjust organisation IDs based on the option selected.