Form with Bundle Discount (Price Cap)

This gives an overview of how bundle discounts display for a user FOR A PRICE CAP when going through the form. 

In this scenario I have created a price cap bundle discount called PRICE CAP ASH where two products, DB Jersey and Basketball Shorts, when selected once or more have a maximum discount of $100 applied to both those products. In this scenario these products were created as add on products however this process will be the same if they are just generic products.

1. Users will log into the form and input personal details.

2. Within the PRODUCTS part of the form a member will need select a generic product (eg membership fee).

3. Select the relevant product from the ADD ON part of the form.

In this scenario, select one quantity of Basketball Shorts and one quantity of the DB Jersey.

4. Continue through form until you get to the SUMMARY page.

Here you will see a price cap of $100 has been applied to both products within this PRICE CAP ASH bundle discount as well as the total registration.

  • In this scenario as the price cap for products within this bundle discount was set to $100 an even amount was taken off both products and as they were only selected once, this was $50 each.
    • Basketball shorts were selected once so $50 was taken off this product ($90 - $50 = $40) and DB jersey was also selected only once $50 was also taken off this product ($110 - $50 = $60) and so $100 was applied to the total of the registration.
  • In this scenario as the product BD Ash was not part of this bundle discount, it will display as full price and add to the total of the registration.