Membership Forms | FAQs

Membership Forms (Back End)

Can I add more than one Document Upload question to a registration form?

Yes, you can have as many Document Upload questions added to the form as needed; however, it is worth noting that only one document can be uploaded per question, so if you want to ask users to upload multiple documents during registration, you will need to provide a Document Upload question for each individual document.

Can I un-share a Membership Form after I've shared it with a lower level of my hierarchy?

Yes, but only if the lower organisation has not chosen the 'Use This Form' option from their Shared Forms section. To unshare a Membership Form that hasn't been used yet:

Edit the Membership Form from your own level > remove the option you had already applied in the Available To section > click Save.

Why can't I add a Bundle Discount when creating a Membership Form?

For a Bundle Discount to apply to your Membership Form, it needs to be created first, then it will automatically appear in the Bundle Discounts tab in your Membership Form builder. Click here to learn more about creating Bundle Discounts.

Can I remove the Assigned Gender at Birth or Gender Identity fields from my Membership Form?

Yes - whilst these fields are generally applied to Membership Forms by default, you can remove them from your form if needed. To do this:

Edit the Membership Form > Go to the Questions & Layout tab > Change the visibility from Visible to Hidden by clicking the eye icon on the right-hand side of the field.

Can I customise the design of the payment invoice that is sent to members after registering?

No, the design of GameDay payment receipts is fixed, however it will automatically show the relevant information for the member who has registered, including their name, product purchased, amount paid, discounts applied and an order reference.

Membership Forms (Front End)

How do I update the details that appear in the footer of my Membership Form?

The details that appear in the footer of your Membership Forms are automatically fed onto the form from your Organisation Details in GameDay. Click here to learn more about updating your Organisation Details.

Can I change the background image of my Membership Form?

You can add a custom background image to your Membership Form using the Form Display Template when creating or editing the form. However, this is only available to administrators at the same level that the form was created - if you are using a form that has been shared with you from a higher organisation of your hierarchy, you cannot update the form backgroun image. Click here for more information on adding a custom background image.

What happens if a registrant submits their registration, but closes the form before paying?

If a registrant selects a product and reaches the payment processing screen of your registration form (including Membership, Event and Team forms), but does not complete their payment, an unpaid Order will be created in your GameDay database, and the registrant will receive two reminder notification by email - one 1 hour after the order was created, and another 72 hours after the order was created - prompting them to complete payment for the unpaid order they added to their cart.

NSW Active & Creative Kids Vouchers

Our organisation would like to utilise Active & Creative Kids vouchers, how do we get set up?

Your organisation can apply to be an Active & Creative Kids voucher provider by visiting the NSW Government website:

How do we get set up as a provider within the GameDay platform?

Please click here to learn more about getting set up as an Active & Creative Kids voucher provider within the platform.

If a member uses the Active & Creative Kids voucher to register with my organisation, how do we get those funds settled to our bank account?

If a member uses an Active & Creative Kids voucher through a GameDay registration form, the discount used as part of the voucher balance is settled back to the provider by Services NSW. For more information on setting up your nominated bank account for Active & Creative Kids voucher settlements, please contact Service NSW directly.

GameDay sends the voucher information associated with each order to Service NSW who will then settle the funds to you directly.

If someone forgets to apply their voucher to products they have already purchased, is there another way they can claim the rebate?

Vouchers can only be claimed through an online registration form in GameDay. If a member has already paid for products and they would like to claim this voucher, the club or association can claim it alternatively through Services NSW.

A member entered a voucher number but was still required to pay. Why is that?

If a member inputs their voucher and the member is still prompted to pay before completing the registration, this could be because:

1. The price of the product is over $100 (which is the limit of the voucher) so the member will be required to pay for the remainder of the registration fee. The member will need to pay for this product to complete the registration.

2. The member has selected other products (e.g., a merchandise item), so although they have used the $100 for the registration fee, they will be required to pay for the extra items in their cart.

Who can use the Active & Creative Kids vouchers?

Active & Creative Kids vouchers will be available to participants registering when purchasing a Membership product linked to a participant Member Type.