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Why am I not able to process a refund?

If you are unable to process a refund on an order (either a Full Refund or Partial Refund), it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Insufficient Funds: When refunding, if you see that the issue refund screen indicates that you have Insufficient Funds, you will not be able to process the refund until there are sufficient funds available to process the refund. In order to have sufficient funds to refund, you will need the settlement balance to be greater than the refund amount before you can process the refund. A settlement balance will build up for any paid orders from the date of the last settlement date for your organisation. So if attempting a refund immediately after a settlement has been distributed to your organisation, it is likely that you will not have adequate funds available to process a refund.
  2. The Order Date is outside the Refund Period set for your organisation: Each organisation has a Refund Period which can be set to determine the number of days after an order has been paid that you can issue a refund for that order through GameDay. If the order you are trying to refund was first processed more than the number of days set in your Refund Period, the Issue Refund button will be greyed out. Click here for more information on setting your Refund Period.

What does Funds Available mean when refunding?

Funds Available is the maximum amount of money available for your organisation to process a refund. 

For example, if you have Funds Available of $100,  you can process refunds up to a maximum of $100.

If you need to refund more than the available funds, you will need to wait until the organisation receives its next settlement, at which point this will increase your available funds.

How is each Order Status defined?

In your Orders menu, you will see different status' for certain orders. Below is a definition for each different Order Status that appears within GameDay:

  • Unpaid/Committed - The member did not complete the payment before completing the registration.
  • Paid - The member has paid for the registration. This can occur either online via a registration form payment, or as a manual payment applied by administrators in the GameDay database.
  • Refunded - The fee paid for the registration has been fully refunded.
  • Partial Refund - The fee paid for the registration has been partially refunded (only some of the order items were refunded).
  • Cancelled - An unpaid order was cancelled and is not linked to the member anymore.


How often are settlements distributed to an organisation?

Settlement funds are distributed to organisations once a week.

The settlement period is from Saturday (00:00am) to Friday (23:59pm) AEST/AEDT each week. Settlements will be created each week for the preceding week's settlement period.

Settlements are distributed each Tuesday for the settlement period ending the previous Friday. Depending on your banking institution, the settlement amounts will appear in your Organisations nominated bank account within 1-3 business days.

A settlement amount will be offset by any refunds processed in that particular settlement period. 

Once settlement funds have been distributed, your settlement balance will revert to zero, meaning that your ability to process a refund will be restricted until you have a sufficient settlement balance to cover the refund amount.

If you have not received funds into your account, it may be due to one of the following:

  • There were no paid orders with products from your organisation within the settlement period
  • Your organisation has processed refunds to the value of your settlement balance for the settlement period
  • Your organisations bank details have not been added or are out of date.

Check that you have a bank account listed for your organisation and the correct bank account is listed as the default. 

Ask your treasurer to add or review your nominated bank account details and funds will be sent out via the next weekly settlement distribution.

If the bank account is added and the details are accurate, please get in contact with us via and we can verify if any funds have bounced back.

Financial Settings

How can I find out what my organisation pays in processing fees?

Each organisation using GameDay can check what they pay in processing fees easily through the platform by navigating to Finances > Financial Settings > Processing Fees. For more information on the information displayed in the Processing Fees page, click here.

Can I restrict other users from adding or editing our organisation’s default bank account?

Yes, to restrict a certain administrator from being able to add or edit your organisation’s bank account details, go to My Organisation > Admins & Contacts > Edit the relevant admin > Remove the ‘Treasurer’ role from their record > Click Save.