How do I approve/reject a clearance?

NOTE: Only clubs can request clearances as well as approve/deny clearances. If you are at a higher level you will need to drill down to the club to request or approve/reject clearances.

1. Hover over Memberships, and click on Clearances.

2. From the In Progress tab, click on view next to the relevant clearance record.

3. In the clearance record, click approve or reject.

4. A pop up box will appear to confirm that you want to do this and to input any reasons why to approve/deny if you wish, otherwise click yes.

5. Record has been updated successfully and this member has now been approved or denied.

NOTE: the member and admin approving/rejecting the transfer will receive a confirmation email related to whether or not this clearance has been confirmed or denied.

NOTE: the member profile for this member will now shows as transferred out at the club they were transferred out of and they will be active but unfinancial in their new club.