Creating a Unique Promo Code

This article will guide you through the process of creating a Unique Promo Code.

1) Log into your dashboard and select the "Promotions" item from the left-hand side menu.

2) Select the "Promo Codes" tab as pictured below, and then select the "Create New Promo Code" button.

3) A setup wizard will appear where you will go through and set up the promo code how you see fit.

- "Promo Code Type" - Select 'Unique Promo Code'.
- "Promo Code Name" - A simple name for your code to identify it.
- "Description" - Not mandatory to fill out but useful if you want to have multiple promo codes and need more information about each one.
- "Applied Discount Type" - Select either Percentage or Amount. (eg a 10% discount code or a $10 discount code)
- "Promo Code Value" - The value of the discount, as determined by the previous field (percentage or amount).
- "Available from" and "Available to" - A date range where the promo code is valid and can be used on registration forms. If a user tries to use this code outside of this date range, they will receive an error and the code will not be applied to their total cost.
- "Status" - Can be set to 'Active' or 'Inactive'. Active meaning the code will work successfully if also within the date ranges set. Inactive meaning the code cannot be used at all.

4) Once you have filled out these fields, click the "Continue" button in the bottom right corner.

5) This will bring you to the "Apply To" page of the setup wizard. On this page you will determine what this specific promo code can be applied to.

Your options are:

a) Products

You will have the choice of applying this promo code to all active products in your organisation, a specific product type (Membership or event products) or only specific products that have been created. You can change between these by clicking the different options in the "Products to Discount" field. Clicking between them will give you different options to choose where the code will be available to use.

Applying to all active products:

Applying to product type: This will give you a drop-down menu to select from.

Applying to specific product: This will give you an option to select specific products. 

You can select one or more products by ticking the checkbox for those product/s and clicking the 'Add' button in the bottom right of the popup window.

b) Specific Event

Simply click on 'Please select an event' to bring up a popup window where you will be given a list of your events in your organisation to choose from.

c) Specific Event Template

If you wish for your promo code to be available to multiple events that use the same event template, you can select this template from the list by first clicking 'Please Select an Event' and then clicking 'Select' on the template you want to use.

d) Specific Registration Form

With this option, you can have your promo code be valid by anyone who registers using a specific registration form. Simply click 'Please Select a Form' and then select the registration form in the popup window that appears.

Once you have selected where your promo code will be available to be used, press 'Continue' in the bottom right corner.

6) The next page will allow you to create the actual promo code people will enter when redeeming the code through a registration form.

You are able to determine the length of your promo code, as well as adding a specific prefix and/or suffix to the code (optional). 

For example, you can add a prefix (start of the code) or a suffix (end of the code):

This is also where you determine how many codes to generate by inputting a number in the "Number of unique codes to generate" field.

An example of your code will be shown at the bottom of the page. When ready to proceed, click 'Continue'.

7) The recipients page is where you select who will receive this unique code. Simple click the "Select Member(s)" button.

This will bring forward a pop-up window where you will select members from your organisation.

You can use the search function to find your members, then click the checkbox next to their names and then click the 'Add' button.

Once you have selected the members, click 'Continue' in the bottom right of the page.

8) You will now see a "Review" page where you can verify all of the information entered so far before finalising your promo code.

At this stage, once you are happy with all of the details, you can either click "Save and Exit", which will create the promo codes but will not notify the members selected, or click "Save and Email Members", which will create the codes AND email those members with the promo code applied to them.

If you select "Save and Email Members", this will take you to the 'Messages' page where you can edit the email message that will be sent out. If you click Save and Exit, you will not be taken to this page and you will skip the next step.

9) The message page allows you to enter the Subject of the email as well as the body contents of the email. The right hand side of the screen will show a preview of the email you will send.

{Organisation Name} will be automatically updated to the name of your organisation you are currently logged into when the email is sent.

10) Once you have clicked 'Continue' you will be taken to the Summary page where you will see any email recipients (if you have chosen to email members), as well as the email message being sent.

To finish the process, click 'Confirm and Send'. This will create your promo code/s and notify any members selected to receive the email.