How do I change a memberID rule?

Admins have the ability to change the current active memberID rule throughout the year/season. Below is how an admin can do this.

Does changing an active rule change the current memberID that existing members have?

Yes. If an admin decides to change the active memberID rule throughout the year/season then this will update both existing and new member IDs to display based on that new rule.

The previous ID that the member had with the old rule will be visible within their members profile history but the new ID based on the new rule will be reflected within their member profile.

1. Click on the drop down arrow against MY ORGANISATION > click on SETTINGS.

2. Click the ID MANAGEMENT tab.

3. The MEMBER ID tab should already be defaulted.

If you can see Organisation ID and Event ID, please ignore these tabs for this particular set up- articles on how to set these up can be found within the support centre under the relevant menus.

4.If you already have an existing rule you want to use then do so, otherwise create a new rule.

5. To change the current active rule, click the drop down arrow against the relevant INACTIVE rule. 


A confirmation box will appear, confirming you want to use this new rule for all members (both new and existing).


NOTE: remember that when changing a rule, Gameday run a backend job every 5 mins, so please allow that for the members to have their IDs updated/generated.