How do I register myself to an organisation?

GameDay's registration platform allows members or event entrants to register with specific organisations using an email-based GameDay account.

As a registrant, you can follow the below steps to register with your chosen organisation:

1. Open the organisation's registration form

2. If you are a new member, use the SIGN UP button to create an account.

If you are an existing member and cannot remember your access credentials, you can use the FORGOT? link to trigger a password reset email.

3. Once you have created an account, you will be able to login and access the registration form. On the first page, select the NEW PARTICIPANT option, then click NEXT

4. Complete the questions on the Basic Info page

NOTE: Any fields marked with * are mandatory.

5. Select the Products you would like to purchase

6. Select any Add-on Products you would like to purchase (if available)

7. Complete any custom questions on the Questions page

NOTE: Any questions displayed in the QUESTIONS tab have been added by the organisation you are registering with. If you require further information about the questions displayed here, please contact the organisation directly.

8. Confirm that your information is correct, then select a payment method and click PROCEED TO PAYMENT

9. Confirm your payment method, enter your payment details, then click PAY NOW

You will then receive a confirmation email once registration is successful:

Note: Members who reach the payment processing page and leave their order unpaid will receive two follow-up emails (1 hour and 72 hours after the order was created) as a reminder to complete the checkout process.