How do I register myself to my club?


1. View the registration form from your club.

2. Log into the registration form with your account.

3. Click New Participant, then click next.

If you have been previously registered you will get an option to select an existing member.

4. Enter in all relevant information. Those fields with an asterisk are required to be filled in.

If you wish to receive the confirmation/invoice email to the one email once completed please make sure that the email address used here matches that of the account, otherwise if these are different, each email will receive either the invoice or confirmation email.

5. Select one or more member types, then click next.

6. Select the relevant products required. 

  • Those products that are already selected and greyed out have been made mandatory by your club, which means you must purchase these before completing the registration.
  • Those that are unticked are optional products, you can choose to tick these if you wish.

7. Fill in all the relevant questions, once done, click next. Those marked with an asterisk must be filled out.

8. At the summary page, review the products selected, then click proceed to payment.

9. Before proceeding you will be required to confirm if you want to continue, as once you proceed to payment you cannot go back and change any information or products. If happy, click yes, proceed.

NOTE: after you click yes to proceed, if you decide to exit the form, your registration will not be successful and you will have an unpaid order for the club. You will need to contact the club to complete this registration and payment as you won't be able to go back through the form.

10. Select your payment method

  • Via credit card- this will ask you to input your credit card details.
  • Via paypal - by clicking on paypal checkout this will take you to a pop up screen to log into your paypal account. Log in to paypal, once done it will revert you back to the payment screen.
  • Open pay - information related to openpay can be found here.
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay

11. Once you have chosen your payment method, click pay now.

12. Once the payment has been successful, a confirmation page will appear confirming your registration. You will also be sent a successful registration and payment invoice email.

12. You have now registered to your club, you can now click out of the browser.

NOTE: if you had any issues when registering or did not receive a confirmation email, please contact your club directly, who are your first point of contact to assist with registrations.

After registering, I have had a $1 transaction come out of my account and am unsure what it is for?

Our payment gateway sometimes takes out a $1 amount from a members bank account as a way of verifying the payment method used to pay for registrations. Without context, this can cause registrants to query the charge and think that they are being scammed when they are not- this is a normal process between payment gateways and banks and the $1 fee will be returned back into the members account within the next 1-2 business days. This will only be a once off occurance as it is usually done only when using a specific payment method for the very first time.