Events - New Customers

Thanks for choosing GameDay Events! 

Below you will find step-by step instructions on the set-up process for your Events platform.

You would have received an email with the subject "Admin Access Enabled - Verify your email". Click on the link in this email to set a Password and Login to GameDay.

1. GameDay Login

To Login to GameDay, go to

2. Review Organisation Details

Check you have been granted access to the correct organisation and organisation level - this information is in the top-right next to your initials.

3. Add Bank Account & other Financial Settings

Add your Organisations Bank Account Details where your organisation will receive funds transacted via GameDay - click here for details

Financial settings - click here for details

4. Admins & Contacts

Manage Admins & Contacts for your organisation along with setting up access for other users at your organisation - click here for details

5. Create Event Template or Create Event

Create and manage your Events

Optional - Create an Event Template

Step 1 - Create an Event

Optional - Create an Event from an Event Template

Step 2 - Add Event Products

Step 3 - Add/Manage Questions

Step 4 - Messaging & Notifications

Step 5 - Activate & Publish Event Landing Page

Step 6 - Distribute Event Landing Page URL

Step 7 - Adjust Visual Display of Event Landing Page & Form

Once the Event has been made Active a Landing Page URL will be created, so you can email this to participants or add the link to your website or social media accounts!

7. Publish your Event Landing Page and get you participants to register!

Once you have the Event Landing Page, they can easily proceed to the Event Registration form, create a login account (or continue as a Guest depending on your Event settings) and proceed to register - click here for details

8. View & Manage Event Participants

Once event participants have registered and paid, you can view and manage participants for your Event - click here for details

9. Communicate to your Event Participants

Once your event participants have registered and paid, you can communicate to your participants via email directly from GameDay - click here for details

10. View your Settlements & Reports

Once your members have registered and paid, you can access and view weekly settlement reports, various member reports and visual dashboards.

Settlements - click here for details

Tabular Reports - click here for details

Dashboard Reports - click here for details

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs for any further assistance - click here

Product Updates

Find out about the latest Product Updates and Feature releases - click here


Check out the GameDay Help Centre to find the information you are after - click here

Please let us know if you need any assistance with the above set-up process by contacting us via

We hope you enjoy GameDay!