Step 1: How do I create an event?

Events can be created from scratch or if your via an event template. To see how to create an event via the events template please click here.

If you have multiple events for multiple age groups, you will need to create each age group event separately.

NOTE: the events module will need to be enabled for your organisation first. Please contact our support team for more information on how to get this enabled.

To create an event from scratch please see the following:

1. Log into your organisation

2. Click the arrow against EVENTS tab and click MANAGE EVENTS.

3. Under the EVENTS tab, click on CREATE NEW EVENT.

4. Input the event name

Events can be created one of two ways, via a ticketing event or an event entry event. A ticketing event is used for most events, while an event entry event is used for athletic events like marathons etc. More information on how to create an event entry event can be found here.

5. Keep the TICKETING button selected.

6. Input an event timezone and start date/time and end date/time.

You will then be taken to a screen where you can put in the rest of the event information.

NOTE: you won't be able to save this page until you fill out all the required fields.

5. Add in the Event Logo. Click ADD LOGO to add an image.

  • If the event does not have a particular logo input the logo of your organsation instead.
  • Recommended image size is 320pixels x 180pixels in png or jpeg form.

6. Check and confirm the event name and start and end dates- change if needed.

7. Input the maximum number of products that can purchased for this event.

  • If the event can have an unlimited amount of products purchased tick the NO LIMIT checkbox.

8. Select the GENDER the event will allow.

  • If the event only allows a specific gender select the relevent gender.
  • If the event allows all genders then click the ANY option.

9. Select the EVENT CATEGORY.

10. Select if the event will be available for all age groups or only certain age groups.

  • If the event is open to all age groups, select YES.

  • If the event is only open to certain age groups, click NO and input the relevant age group and select an option based on how the age group is calculated. You can choose from the following:
    • Season Start Date
    • Season End Date
    • Specific Date
    • Registration Date (the day they register to the event).
  • If the event does not have a minimum or maximum you can leave one of these blank.

11. Select at least one MEMBER TYPE that will be used for entrants. Click add member types button to select from the list of event member types.

You have the ability to choose from the following member types when setting up.

  • Default Event Participant Member type - this is the default member type available for all organisations if your events are not related around entrants having a specific member type once registered.
  • Create your own event member types - this option allows you to use your own event member types if entrants need specific member types when registering (e.g junior sprinter, senior shotput). You can create these here.

11a. You can also choose whether or not you want entrants only having the one member type selected when registered or multiple.

If you wish for entrants to only select the one member type when registering (e.g only be a junior sprinter) then tick the checkbox against ''allow only one member type to be selected''. 

If you wish for entrants to be able to select more than one member type when registering (e.g they can register as a junior kicker and a junior sprinter) then leave this checkbox unticked.

12. Input a DESCRIPTION for the event. This will include general information, items to bring etc.

  • You have the ability to bold certain information and add in dot points.
  • If you wish to inlcude an external URL that links to another website please make sure to input http://www. or https://www. before the URL as this will enable the website to be viewed when registering or on the event landing page. If you do not put this before the URL then it will not be able to be viewed properly if a user clicks on the URL.

13. Input the CONTACT INFORMATION for the event- this will be who entrants will contact if they have any questions about the event.

  • In regards to the phone number please ensure the correct COUNTRY CODE is selected based on the country of the event (if not already pre-selected).

14. Input a link to the WEBSITE where this form can be found or the relevant website to where more information can be found on the event. This will be usually your club website or an external website.

15. Input ADDRESS of where this event is being held. If the venue has a specific name you can also put this in there (venue name is optional).

  • As you input the address of the event, it will pick it up so you can easily select it.
  • Input the venue name if the address doesn't include the name of the venue (e.g if it is a local named footy oval)

16. If you have any sponsors that are sponsoring your event, these can be uploaded here. Click on CHOOSE FILES to upload your images. This is optional.

Recommended image size is 320px x 180px, with a MAX of 18 sponsors.

Under USER PERMISSIONS you can select where or not this event is open to everyone or just members.

17. Select if the event is open to everyone (members and non-members) or just members.

  • If the event is open to JUST MEMBERS who are currently registered or have been previously registered to your organisation then click YES on the RESTRICT THIS EVENT TO MEMBERS ONLY WITHIN THIS ORGANSIATION.

  • If the event is open to EVERYONE then keep the option set to NO for RESTRICT THIS EVENT TO MEMBERS ONLY and select YES to allow GUEST REGISTRATIONS (those that are currently not members of your organisation).

18. Once happy with all the information input related to your event, click SAVE.

To add products to the event, please see Step 2: How do I add products to the event?