How to create a bundle discount?

More information on bundle discounts can be found here.

NOTE: the products/product groups wanting to apply for this type of discount must be added to the relevant form/s before you can set this up.

Below outlines how to create a bundle discount:

1. Log into your organsiation.

2. Click on PROMOTIONS from the left hand side menu.


4. Against Discount Type select BUNDLE DISCOUNT.

5. Select the relevant FORM/S you wish to apply this bundle discount to.

You can choose more than one form here if you wish.

6. Input a name for the bundle discount and input a description (optional).

7. Add in an available to and available from date.

8. Keep status as ACTIVE > click CONTINUE.

9. Select what products/product groups you wish to apply this bundle to and select a minimum number of these a member can select.

If you are using a product group, make sure the group is set up with products listed within it before selecting.


10. Select what type of discount you want to apply and input the value you want to apply.

You can choose between:

  • Percentage
  • Amount
  • Price Cap

More information related to each of these can be found here.


11. Review what you have set and change if needed.

12. Confirm and save.

This discount will now be applied and displayed within the form you selected:

Can I adjust the type of discount for my bundle?

Yes, if you want to change the type of discount applied for your discount bundle (e.g percentage to amount) then you can do so via clicking EDIT against the bundle discount via the PROMOTIONS page.