How do I view an organisation's details in my hierarchy?

If you are using GameDay as part of a multi-tiered hierarchy, you can view the details of any other organisation linked below you within your hierarchy.

Note: Administrators cannot view the details of organisations that are above, or next to their organisation through their GameDay login.

To view a lower-level organisation's details through your GameDay database:

1. Open the My Organisation menu, then click MY HIERARCHY

2. Find the organisation within the list, then click VIEW

3. Here, you can use the tabs along the top of the page to view various details of the organisation, including:

Overview: Basic organisation details such as name, address, contact details, Organisation ID and more

Contacts: Any Admins or Contacts they have added to their database

Sub Organisations: Any other organisations linked below it in the hierarchy

Members: A complete list of members that exist within the organisation's database

Forms: A list of Membership Forms being used by the organization; this includes forms they created from their database and forms they use that have been shared from a higher level

Products: A list of any Products the organisation has created

Documents: A record of any documents the organisation has uploaded to their database