Discount Types

Below provides a detailed explanation of the type of discounts that can be created/managed. 

Discounts are calculated via AMOUNT or PERCENTAGE and they can be applied to all active products within your product listing, a specific product type (e.g membership and/or events) or applied to a specific product/s. Some discounts will apply.


Standard discounts are those that are applied to one specific product/set of products and no other ones (e.g $10 discount on all products for Black Friday Sale).

This type of discount is only applied to specific products.


A standard single quantity discount is one that is applied to one quantity of a specific product (e.g 15% discount if one jersey is purchased).

You can create this one of two ways. You can create this as a normal product (where you can't select more than one quantity) or if a member can select more than one quantity of the product then you'd create the product as an ADD ON product to allow multiple quantities to be purchased. When selecting multiple quantities of the product/s that are using the standard discount, this discount will only apply to the one purchase of this product. 


A standard multiply quantity discount is one that is applied to multiple of the same product.

You would create a product for this type of discount as an add on product, so it allows multiple to be selected. When selecting multiple quantities of this product/s then the discount will apply to however many quantities the discount allows.

If a member gets a bigger discount when purchasing more than one of a product, make sure when creating the discount, the perctage/amount is lower for one quantity purchased and higher for the second quantity of the product purchased and so on.

For example, you get a 5% discount on purchasing one jersey but if you purchase two jerseys you get a bigger discount of 10% so you would have it created like the below.

  • Multi-quantity discount calculates against the original price and takes priority over any standard discount within the same purchase order

    • if there are 2 or more multi-quantity discounts applicable for the same product, the highest discount amount would apply

    • if both are equal, the most recently created discount would apply


A bundle discount is one where there are multiple products that get discounted by a certain percentage or price. 

These types of discounts are applied to both a form/s as well as products or product groups.

For example if a member purchases Product A, Product B and Product C, they recieve a 15% discount of the total price.

Bundle discounts rely on having all products within the bundle selected in order for the discount to apply. So if you select only one product from within the bundle discount the discount will become void and not apply, so if any of those products, if they can be purchased separately but still have discounted price, then these also need to have standard discounts applied to them, themselves.

Bundle discounts have an additional Price Cap option for the discount amounts. This means the bundle can have a set limit on how much it will cost per product set or group which limits the overall price of these products. For example if a product group containing 4 products has a price cap of $200 and each product is worth $75, then each product will have $25 deducted from its price decreasing the collective amount for these products from $300 to $200.