Promotions | Overview

GameDay's Promotions module provides the ability to apply special offers and incentives when registering for memberships or events. With a direct integration with your products and registration forms, you can easily apply Discounts or Promo Codes to your registration process to offer flexibility and incentivise anyone to participate in your sport. Promotions are designed for ease of use, and offer many benefits including:

  • Customizable Rules: GameDay allows organizers to set rules and conditions for applying discounts and promo codes. For example, they can specify the duration of an early bird discount or limit the number of times a promo code can be used. Rules can also be configured to restrict certain discounts to specific products or product groups, ensuring targeted promotions and effective management of discount offers.
  • Real-Time Calculation: When a discount or promo code is applied, the registration software calculates the adjusted price in real-time, reflecting the discount or promotional offer. This transparency enables registrants to see the reduced price immediately, encouraging them to complete the registration process.

  • Reporting and Analytics: GameDay provides reporting and analytics features to track the usage and effectiveness of discounts and promo codes. Organizers can monitor the number of registrations using specific promo codes, identify popular discounts, and assess the impact of promotional campaigns. These insights help inform future marketing strategies and optimize discount offerings.

To access Promotions, click PROMOTIONS in the left-hand menu:

The Promotions functionality includes access to the following features

Discounts: Configure your registration process to automatically apply a percentage or amount-based discount based on the product selected by registrants, with the flexibility to apply them to one, multiple, or all of the products within your database. You can also automatically trigger the discount to be active within a certain period of time - Learn More

Promo Codes: Create, customise, generate and distribute alphanumeric codes to your registrants, which can be redeemed on your GameDay forms to apply a discount to their total registration. Promo Codes can be created as a generic code, or as a list of unique codes - Learn More