Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred In

1. Go to Reports, click on Tabular Reports.

2. Next to the Advanced Clearance Report - Transferred In, click View Report.

This clearance report allows you to view what members have been transferred into your organiastion (receiving organisation) from other organisations.

NOTE: the LEAVING and RECEIVING organisations will vary depending on what level of the heirarchy you are.

Use the filters to adjust the report to get the specific information that you need.

  • Leaving Org: this will be the list of organisations that players that have transferred to your organisation have come from.
  • Recieiving Org: this will mainly just be your organisation. If you are at a higher level you may be able to see different organisations in your listing.
  • Creation date: you can filter based on the date clearances were created. You cannot filter on specific dates, only the year they were created.