What does each member status mean?

GameDay assigns a Status and Financial Status to members based on the circumstances of their involvement with your organisation. Whilst often similar, these two types of statuses are independent of each other, and one does not necessarily follow the other.

Below is an outline of each different type of Status and Financial Status that can be granted to a member record:

1. Status: a Member will have an overall Status of either Active, Pending Active or Inactive

  • Active: Granted if any membership is currently active, any organisation level is financial or the member has registered but not paid for a product where the current date is within the product's effective or end date
  • Pending/Pending Active: Granted if a product has been purchased where the product effective date is a future date
  • Inactive: Granted if the member has no active memberships or financial products at any level

2. Financial Status: a Member will have an overall status of either Financial or Unfinancial at each organisation level (up to 6 levels)

Note: You can find a breakdown of every member's financial status within your GameDay database by navigating to Members > Members > Financial Filter

  • Financial Status    is granted when at least one product at that organisation level has been successfully paid and the current date is within the product's effective or end date
  • Unfinancial Status  X  is granted if the member has not purchased any products, or all products on the member's record are unpaid at that organisation level, and/or the current date is outside any previously paid product effective or end date

Note: A member can have a financial status for more than one organsation at a specific level (i.e. multiple different Clubs)