Member Status Definitions

Within GameDay there are two status types that indicate the status of a member

1. Status: a Member will have an overall Status of either Active, Pending Active or Inactive

  • Activeif any role is active, any organisation level is financial or the member has registered but not paid for a product where the current date is within the product effective/end date
  • Pending/ Pending Activeif a product has been purchased where the product effective date is a future date
  • Inactiveif all roles are inactive and there are no financial products at any level

2. Financial Status: a Member will have an overall status of either Financial or Unfinancial at each organisation level (up to 6 levels)

  • Financial    - based on the payment of at-least one product at that organisation level and the current date is within the product effective/end date
  • Unfinancial  X if all products are unpaid at that organisation level and/or the current date is outside any previously paid product effective/end date

If a member is manually added then they will default to Active and Unfinancial, as they are registered but have not yet paid for any products.

NOTE: A member can have financial statuses for more than one organsation at a specific level (ie different Clubs).