How do I create a sub event entry product?

Admins have the ability to create event entry products, generically or for sub events before creating the event itself.

Event entry product set up is pretty similar to a normal ticketing product set up that has a feature that allows you to choose if you want to use event participant IDs for the product. Most event entry products can be set up as a ticketing product or event entry products.

How do I create a product that is only visible for a specific sub event?

The set up of these products can be done outside of the event or within the sub event set up itself when creating the event.

Creating this product within the event itself can be found here, in Steps 16-18.

To create this product outside of the event form:



3. Against product type select EVENT.

4. Against product sub type, select EVENT ENTRY.

5.  Input a PRODUCT NAME.

6. Against the sub event only product, select YES.

7. Against the member type fields, make sure you use the member type that is event specific and the member type they will get when they register to the sub event you set up.

8. Fill in the rest of the fields > SAVE.

8. Repeat for any other sub event products needed.

9. Add as existing product when within the sub event set up.

I want my products to generate event participant IDs, how do I set this up?

You will need to set these products up as event entry products and then within the product set up you can enable this product to have event participant IDs generated when an entrant registers. The set up of these products can be found here.

You can set these products up with event participant specific IDs or member IDs

If you create these products outside the form, when setting up the event just add these as existing products.