How do I upload documents to a members profile?

Administrators have the ability to manually upload documents to a members profile. Mutliple documents can be stored for a member. Make sure the member has sent you the document they wish to upload beforehand and it is stored locally for you to access.

For FAQ's related to document uploads please click here.

NOTE: if the document only needs to be viewed/edited at a specific level then please log into that level to upload. If the document can be viewed/edited at any level it can be uploaded from any level

1. Log into the organisation

2. Click the drop down arrow against MEMBERSHIPS.

3. Click MEMBERS.

4. Search for the members name within the member list and the click VIEW.

5. Click on the DOCUMENTS & NOTES tab within the member profile.

6. Click Under the DOCUMENTS tab click ADD DOCUMENT.

7. To select your document, click CHOOSE A FILE

8. Select your document

If the file size or format is not accepted, an error message will appear in red and disappear after a few seconds - check the file size and format and re-upload

8. If your document has been downloaded successfully it will be show in green - to delete or change the document click the BIN button and reselect a file.

9. NAME the document - you can also add a description of the document if needed.


11. Select who this document can be VIEWED BY.

12. Select who this document can be EDITABLE BY.

  • If you selected ''only this organisation'' as the viewable by, this field will automatically be greyed out to match.

13. Click SAVE.

This document now appears in the document listing. 

14. Repeat the above steps if you wish to upload more documents.